45 DIY Wood Projects that You Will Love

11 Wooden Photos

Wooden Photos11. Wooden Photos: Nowadays we all carry photos anywhere and everywhere, digitally, whether it be on our smartphone, tablet, laptop, or somewhere in the imaginary world of The Cloud. But there’s still something charming about physical photos, spotlighting the very best of your memories with a tactile, real world presence. This DIY project offers a wonderful way to spotlight the very best of those photographic memories, converting them from the realm of the digital to the real world to admire and appreciate each and every day. (via Apartment Therapy)

12 Wood Grain Tins

Wood Grain Tins12. Wood Grain Tins (via Kirtsy)

13 Wooden Bangles

Wooden Bangles13. Wooden Bangles (via Alisa Burke)

14 Paint-Dipped Candle Holders

Paint-Dipped Candle Holders14. Paint-Dipped Candle Holders (via ammenmärchen.)

15 Chevron Outdoor Wall Art

Chevron Outdoor Wall Art15. Chevron Outdoor Wall Art: See how Dana of House*Tweaking put together a gorgeous outdoor dining area that’s perfect for her young family and spending quiet time with her hubby. (via Home Depot)

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