45 DIY Wood Projects that You Will Love

41 Tree Branch Table

Tree Branch Table41. Tree Branch Table (via The Style Files)

42 Wooden Ring Pendants

Wooden Ring Pendants42. Wooden Ring Pendants (via See That There)

43 Reworked Wooden Bracelet

Reworked Wooden Bracelet43. Reworked Wooden Bracelet (via Between the Lines)

44 Color-Dipped Wooden Beads

Color-Dipped Wooden Beads44. Color-Dipped Wooden Beads (via Swallow’s Heart)

45 Tree Stump Side Table

Tree Stump Side Table45. Tree Stump Side Table: Turn a tree stump into a cool, modern side table with a few items from The Home Depot. Here are DIY instructions to make your own tree stump side table. (via Home Depot)

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