45 Genius Dollar Store Hacks You Should Know

6 Dollar Store Tea Sets

Dollar Store Tea Sets6. Dollar Store Tea Sets (via Karen Mom of Three’s Craft Blog)

7 Glitter Ornaments

Glitter Ornaments7. Glitter Ornaments (via Lee and Becky)

8 Simple Kitchen Organization

Simple Kitchen Organization8. Simple Kitchen Organization: Camper idea… (via Rugged Life)

9 Mirrored Box

Mirrored Box9. Mirrored Box: Make an easy, beautiful planter out of dollar store mirrors. (via The Art of Doing Stuff)

10 Toothbrush Organization

Toothbrush Organization10. Toothbrush Organization: We all have hot spots. We battle with crazy cords, billowing receipts, and messy bathroom drawers. Check out this {easy} home organization hack list! (via Families that Stick)

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