45 Genius Dollar Store Hacks You Should Know

41 Shower Cap as Kitchen Tool

Shower Cap as Kitchen Tool41. Shower Cap as Kitchen Tool: You may be wondering what a drawer full of shower caps has to do with gardening. Well nothing, actually. But in my kitchen, the lowly shower cap (procured from many a hotel stay) ranks right up there with wooden spoons [] (via Garden Betty)

42 Crib Rail Cover

Crib Rail Cover42. Crib Rail Cover (via Baby Bump)

43 Plastic Elephant Book Ends

Plastic Elephant Book Ends43. Plastic Elephant Book Ends: Our playroom makeover is almost complete, and I’m so excited about some of the finishing touches were adding! First we found the perfect toy storage and made adorable chalkboard labels so the boys know where everything goes. Then we added a vintage record wall, herringbone watercolor art, magnet boards, and simple animal artwork to help (via Love Grows Wild)

44 Organize Classroom Crayons

Organize Classroom Crayons44. Organize Classroom Crayons: Here is a great solution to keeping crayons organized in a kindergarten classroom and solving the issue of not having the right colors on hand for projects. Like organization and finding ways to keep stuff organized? Then this classroom organization tip is for you. (via Teach Junkie)

45 Craft Supplies on the Go

Craft Supplies on the Go45. Craft Supplies on the Go: This craft box is one of many great travel solutions for kids. Get creative even when you are far away from home. (via No Time for Flash Cards)

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