45 Lovely Hair Accessories You Can Actually Make

6 Wax Print Headwrap

Wax Print Headwrap6. Wax Print Headwrap: Summer is all about ease and so when it comes to my hair during these hot months, the least amount of time spent fussing over it – the better. Enter the hair wrap. It has saved many straight-out-of-the-pool dos, camping-without-a-hairdryer coifs, and just about everything in between. We’ve always (via Honestly WTF)

7 Pearl Hair Piece

Pearl Hair Piece7. Pearl Hair Piece: Pearls are sprinkled everywhere this year, pretty and precious. Chanels inspiring Karl Lagerfeld included a large number of pearls in his S/S 12 fashion shows and often times these were used to embellish the models hair-dos. I will be doing some simple pearl hair-pins for you soon, but after so long off DIYing, I felt like making something a little more creative this time So, I had a good dig Continue reading (via Clones N Clowns)

8 Bohemian Chain Headpiece

Bohemian Chain Headpiece8. Bohemian Chain Headpiece (via All The Good Girls Go To Heaven)

9 Throwback Scrunchie

Throwback Scrunchie9. Throwback Scrunchie: Have you heard?! I’m heading to the Snap! blog conference in April and I am beyond excited! I sure will miss my boys and my husband for those five days but I’m looking forward to learning, growing and more importantly, getting to meet some of these other amazing bloggers that I can now call some…Read More (via Made to be a Momma)

10 Stylish Bobby Pin

Stylish Bobby Pin10. Stylish Bobby Pin: Easy to make Stylish Bobby Pins, perfect hair accessory to give a little glamour to a hairdo. Inexpensive to make. (via The DIY Dreamer)

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