45 Lovely Hair Accessories You Can Actually Make

16 Rodarte Star Hair Pins

Rodarte Star Hair Pins16. Rodarte Star Hair Pins (via Hello, Whimsy)

17 Lace Headband

Lace Headband17. Lace Headband: I love lace, especially this time of year! Today I want to share a super easy technique for stitching up a lace headband. You can do this project is less than 10 minutes! Enjoy… Supplies Needed: Three types of lace (1 yard of each is more than enough!), scissors, needle and thread. 1. measure your head from ear to ear (just below the ear) over the crown of your head…. (via A Beautiful Mess)

18 Paper Flower Hair Accessory

Paper Flower Hair Accessory18. Paper Flower Hair Accessory (via Paper and Stitch)

19 Downtown Abbey Inspired Hair Accessory

Downtown Abbey Inspired Hair Accessory19. Downtown Abbey Inspired Hair Accessory (via Madigan Made)

20 Maxi Bow Hair Clip

Maxi Bow Hair Clip20. Maxi Bow Hair Clip: Hello ?! Is anyone here ?! Oh you are still here !!!! Thanks so much for stopping by when I have been out and about doing other stuff, I have been as busy as the bees on my DIY espadrills and haven’t had time to blog. All good though, lots of fun things going on ! And now I’m BACK ! Talking of which, I hope you’re up for a Continue reading (via Clones N Clowns)

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