45 Lovely Hair Accessories You Can Actually Make

26 Embroidery Wrapped Hair Comb

Embroidery Wrapped Hair Comb26. Embroidery Wrapped Hair Comb (via Kristina J.)

27 Flower Crown

Flower Crown27. Flower Crown: Whether you have a party, wedding, or just want to wear flowers in your hair, learning how to make a flower crown is the perfect way to add some fun to your outfit! (via The Crafted Life)

28 Perfect Head Scarf

Perfect Head Scarf28. Perfect Head Scarf: Cristi shares how to make your own head scarf that you can tie in a bow to spice up your summer look! (via How Does She?)

29 Anthropologie Knock Off Bobby Pins

Anthropologie Knock Off Bobby Pins29. Anthropologie Knock Off Bobby Pins (via Little Miss Momma)

30 Button Ponytail Holders

Button Ponytail Holders30. Button Ponytail Holders (via Everything Etsy)

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