45 Smart Ways to Repurpose Baby Items

6 Bug Catching Jars

Bug Catching Jars6. Bug Catching Jars: Celebrate spring with this My Bug Jar Craft Kit! Make a plastic bug jar to hold insects and kids will have have endless fun in their backyards collecting … (via Oriental Trading)

7 Baby Food Jar Pincushion

Baby Food Jar Pincushion7. Baby Food Jar Pincushion (via The Life of Jennifer Dawn)

8 Baby Food Jar Fabric Tea Lights

Baby Food Jar Fabric Tea Lights8. Baby Food Jar Fabric Tea Lights (via Pretty Prudent)

9 Jar Oil Lamps

Jar Oil Lamps9. Jar Oil Lamps: Let’s start the day off with some yellow daisies:) Now, how about if I show you a couple of ideas on how to repurpose some vintage finds? First I took a rusty canteen (yep the kind that once held water)… (via Raised in Cotton)

10 Craft and Tool Station

Craft and Tool Station10. Craft and Tool Station: Crafty Nest shares practical, inexpensive, and pretty DIY home decorating crafts and ideas. Many of the do-it-yourself projects include salvaged, green, or recycled materials. (via Crafty Nest)

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