45 Smart Ways to Repurpose Baby Items

1 Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations1. Christmas Decorations: Last week we traveled to my sisters wedding. It was so beautiful. While traveling we used store bought baby food resulting in left over baby food jars. Naturally I wanted to reuse as many as possible. Here are some of the ways we are reusing baby food jars in our… (via How We Montessori)

2 Photo Snowglobes

Photo Snowglobes2. Photo Snowglobes (via Design Mom)

3 Baby Shower Crafts

Baby Shower Crafts3. Baby Shower Crafts: Here’s a fun baby shower party favor that I love to make! The great thing about these is that you can make them into just about anything with a little imagination! (via New Life on a Homestead)

4 Party Favors

Party Favors4. Party Favors (via Mae Armstrong Designs)

5 Organizing with baby food jars

Organizing with baby food jars5. Organizing with baby food jars (via Maple Memories)

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