45 Smart Ways to Repurpose Baby Items

11 Pull Wagon

Pull Wagon11. Pull Wagon: Ill give you some details on our little blue wagon. Ive had the vision of this multi-purpose wagon in my head for some time now after seeing this picture. Its so nice to have it be reality. Summer activities will be much improved because of it. Its perfect to haul kids to the park for…Read More (via Tidbits)

12 Chic Pallet

Chic Pallet12. Chic Pallet (via Lottas Himmelrom)

13 Hanging Daybed

Hanging Daybed13. Hanging Daybed (via Jane Coslick Cottages)

14 A Sweet Window Seat

A Sweet Window Seat14. A Sweet Window Seat: We’ve been visiting my parents this week, I discovered a new florist/shop, Petals & Pots, in my hometown (Mayfield, Kentucky). Besides flowers, Sara (the shops owner) sells home accessories and furniture that she refinishes. I saw this antique crib that she painted in a bright color and thought it was a great idea for (via Emily A. Clark)

15 Repurposing a Crib Mattress into a Kids Daybed

Repurposing a Crib Mattress into a Kids Daybed15. Repurposing a Crib Mattress into a Kids Daybed (via Fab Rehab Creations)

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