45 Truly Unique DIY Hanging Planters You Can Easily Make At Home

21 Tire Planter

Tire Planter21. Tire Planter: DIY Tire Planter Tutorial: wall display and hanging in a tree, outdoor flower planter. (via DIYShowOff)

22 Bucket Planter

Bucket Planter22. Bucket Planter: I’ll start by saying, as a caveat, I’m not actually sure how old this coop is. Hawk Hill was built in the 1920’s and I suspect this coop and the original horse barn were built at the same ti… (via Hawk Hill)

23 Hanging Bag Planters

Hanging Bag Planters23. Hanging Bag Planters: Grow up. Our Hanging Bag Planters are ideal for an apartment terrace, fence, pergola or porch. Made from durable tarpaulin and burlap, they allow air circulation and gradual water drainage. Grommets make it simple to attach to the wall so you can (via West Elm)

24 Wood Pallet Hanging Planter

Wood Pallet Hanging Planter24. Wood Pallet Hanging Planter: With summer coming, I am in the mode of getting my outdoor space ready. When Spring and Summer come I am all about flowers, so finding a way to add them to (via Homedit)

25 Old Funnels Planters

Old Funnels Planters25. Old Funnels Planters (via Hidden Hills Garden)

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