45 Truly Unique DIY Hanging Planters You Can Easily Make At Home

11 Hanging Mason Jar Planter with Air Plants

Hanging Mason Jar Planter with Air Plants11. Hanging Mason Jar Planter with Air Plants: Make these pretty DIY hanging mason jar planters with air plants! (via Oh So Very Pretty)

12 Leather and Clay Hanging Planter

Leather and Clay Hanging Planter12. Leather and Clay Hanging Planter: DIY clay and leather hanging planters (via burkatron)

13 Copper Pipe Hanging Planter

Copper Pipe Hanging Planter13. Copper Pipe Hanging Planter: There may be more hanging planter DIYs on the Internet than any other popular craft right now, but there is always a way to take your standard craft up a notch! Why not add oversized, hand-painted, wooden beads and copper pipe accents for a little more fun! Make a trio of coordinating hangers, and enjoy both cleaner air and a cuter house. You’re welcome. Supplies: -three plants inserted directly into… (via A Beautiful Mess)

14 Hanging Copper Planter

Hanging Copper Planter14. Hanging Copper Planter: hanging copper planter, diy copper planter, diy hanging planter, make your own planter, (via A Bubbly Life)

15 Beaded Plant Hanger

Beaded Plant Hanger15. Beaded Plant Hanger: See how easy it was to create a DIY Beaded Planter Hanger, just a few supplies and you’re done! (via The Crafted Sparrow)

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