50 Awesome DIY Photography Hacks Everyone Should Try

41 Spring Clamp Flash Holder

Spring Clamp Flash Holder41. Spring Clamp Flash Holder: Sometimes when you are in a tight/small location or in case you don’t have enough studio flash stands or where to stand them, you have to improv… (via DIY Photography Stuff)

42 Make a Light Table

Make a Light Table42. Make a Light Table (via Popular Photography)

43 Best DIY Beauty Dish

Best DIY Beauty Dish43. Best DIY Beauty Dish: A step-by-step tutorial and parts list for everything you need to make your own DIY Beauty Dish designed especially for small speed lights. (via ishootshows.com)

44 How to Make a Four-Way Reflector

How to Make a Four-Way Reflector44. How to Make a Four-Way Reflector: Make a Photo Reflector for less than $20. Light reflectors can get expensive find out how to make your own. Video (via Photography School)

45 DIYP iPhone Tripod

DIYP iPhone Tripod45. DIYP iPhone Tripod: DIY – mini tripod / stand for smartphones, version 2. (via Benvelo)

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1 Response

  1. Tarik says:

    Sarnie bag makes pretty good effects for shooting portraits. I like using different colours when I can too.