50 Awesome DIY Photography Hacks Everyone Should Try

21 Make Your Own Camera Bag

Make Your Own Camera Bag21. Make Your Own Camera Bag: Right now I’m just in craft fever making camera bags. As always, I’m afraid for my beauties in my big pockets, that’s perfectly. This time it’s about a bag for the Diana Mini. (via Lomography)

22 Make a Rain-Proof Camera Bag

Make a Rain-Proof Camera Bag22. Make a Rain-Proof Camera Bag: Want to take photos in the rain, but don’t have a weather-proof camera? Try making your own weather-resistant case! (via CNET)

23 Bounce the Flash with a Business Card

Bounce the Flash with a Business Card23. Bounce the Flash with a Business Card: Yet another small internal flash bouncer. I really like this one since it is the fastest one to make yet. I’ll estimate about 15 seconds.If you are a big executive and have your own business card, you can cut the time it takes you to get a business card and you are at 5 seconds. The results are not professional and there is some light lost, but when all else fails, it is a neat trick to have up your sleeve. It will defiantly work for Canon internal flashes. Other brands – you might need to adjust a bit.I got this trick in the mail from Marko Helenius. (via DIY Photography)

24 :Large Flash Diffuser

:Large Flash Diffuser24. :Large Flash Diffuser: Our latest DIY Photography Hacks post shows you how to make two simple, yet versatile, lighting accessories from common kitchen items. (via Digital Camera World)

25 Make a product backdrop using wallpaper

Make a product backdrop using wallpaper25. Make a product backdrop using wallpaper: One of the easy ways to get interesting backdrop (at least for small objects) is to use textured papers. They come in small enough packaging to be comfortable to handle and the texture allows for some interesting play with light.Photographer Mo Bius shared a test shoot with such papers as a photography exercise. I think the results are interesting. (Note that the actual tea pot is flagged from the strobe in all the setups and is lit separately in the final picture) (via DIY Photography)

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  1. Tarik says:

    Sarnie bag makes pretty good effects for shooting portraits. I like using different colours when I can too.