50 Beautiful DIY Bridesmaid Gift Ideas and Tutorials that are Chic and Unique

31 Stamped Monogram Notepaper Blocks

Stamped Monogram Notepaper Blocks31. Stamped Monogram Notepaper Blocks: Warning: This posts contains a serious risk of death by awesomely easy craftiness. Proceed with caution. For all of you crafters and would-be crafters who have yet to dive into the world of stamping, I really hope that this project will convince you that stamping is an oh-so-necessary addition to your life. Sure you can (via Damask Love)

32 Kiss the Miss Goodbye Frame

Kiss the Miss Goodbye Frame32. Kiss the Miss Goodbye Frame (via Just Call Me Haha)

33 Polka Dot Luggage Tags

Polka Dot Luggage Tags33. Polka Dot Luggage Tags: DIY Polka Dot Luggage Tags (via Lovely Indeed)

34 Folded Card Notebooks

Folded Card Notebooks34. Folded Card Notebooks: With all the notebook hoarding I’m doing around here, you’d think my last name was Hemingway. You’d think that I wrote feverishly about terribly important topics. Neither of those apply to me. I just like notebooks and more often than not, I just put them on a shelf to look pretty because we all know (via Damask Love)

35 Embellished Ribbons

Embellished Ribbons35. Embellished Ribbons: We’ve seen lots of brides accessorize with bedazzled-ribbon headbands, necklaces, and sashes. Because you can tie them however you want, they make great one-size-fits-all bridesmaids gifts, too. Not a seamstress? Never fear! These elegant ideas don’t require sewing just a few dabs of fabric glue. (via Martha Stewart Weddings)

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