50 Beautiful DIY Handmade Flower Tutorials

6 Recycled Water Bottle Flower

Recycled Water Bottle Flower6. Recycled Water Bottle Flower (via Crissy’s Crafts)

7 Puffy Heart Fabric Flower

Puffy Heart Fabric Flower7. Puffy Heart Fabric Flower (via Funky Monkey in the Middle)

8 Easy Stocking Flower

Easy Stocking Flower8. Easy Stocking Flower: Stocking flowers or nylon flowers are vintage DIY Flowers, which were very popular in the 70s. You will fall in love with stocking flowers once you make. (via Craftionary)

9 Tattered Flower

Tattered Flower9. Tattered Flower: Last week I had the opportunity to visit with my sister and her family. My niece was sporting this adorable cap and looking so cute and fresh. This seemed like the perfect time to do a tutorial on embellishing an inexpensive hat and giving it that boutique look. You’ll need a few things to get…Read More (via Seasoned Homemaker)

10 Grosgrain Ribbon Flower

Grosgrain Ribbon Flower10. Grosgrain Ribbon Flower (via Willow Bean Studio)

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