50 Beautiful DIY Handmade Flower Tutorials

26 Sew Ribbon Flower

Sew Ribbon Flower26. Sew Ribbon Flower: Starting at one end of your ribbon weave your threaded needle in and out of the ribbon as shown (I thread my needle with the thread still on the spool. Glue the cut ends of your ribbon together mak… (via Its in the Details)

27 Paper Rose

Paper Rose27. Paper Rose (via D.I.Y. or Don’t)

28 Felt Flower

Felt Flower28. Felt Flower: Summer Dahlia Yarn Wreath (via A Pretty Life in the Suburbs)

29 Quilled Flower

Quilled Flower29. Quilled Flower (via Obsessive Creative Disorder)

30 Fleece Flower

Fleece Flower30. Fleece Flower (via Come Together Kids)

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