50 Cheap Ways to Decorate an Apartment

1 Chalkboard Planters

Chalkboard Planters1. Chalkboard Planters: One of my ambitions in our new home is to cook at home more often. I would like to make it more of a hobby since we both really enjoy trying new recipes. We’ve often talked about how it would be convenient (and fun) to grow our own herbs. This weekend I started a small indoor herb garden along our windowsill, where they will get plenty of light. I thought… (via A Beautiful Mess)

2 Framed Fabric Memo Board

Framed Fabric Memo Board2. Framed Fabric Memo Board (via IHeart Organizing)

3 Jewelry For Your Cabinets

Jewelry For Your Cabinets3. Jewelry For Your Cabinets: Aside from painting walls and cabinets, the second-easiest way to update a kitchen on a budget is to upgrade dated cabinet hardware. Eco lifestyle expert Danny Seo shows us a brilliant idea for adding a bit of glam without breaking a sweat. The secret? (via Popsugar)

4 Faux Bar Table

Faux Bar Table4. Faux Bar Table (via The Desi Wonder Woman)

5 Easy Rope Shelf

Easy Rope Shelf5. Easy Rope Shelf: DIY easy rope shelf tutorial (via burkatron)

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