50 Cheap Ways to Decorate an Apartment

26 Modern Paper Ornament

Modern Paper Ornament26. Modern Paper Ornament (via How About Orange)

27 Pine Cone Necklaces for Kitchenware

Pine Cone Necklaces for Kitchenware27. Pine Cone Necklaces for Kitchenware: I would like to interrupt today’s regularly scheduled post with this brief announcement. There are 2 days until my annual Christmas Eve party and I still (via The Art of Doing Stuff)

28 Modern Perforated Tree LED tea Light

Modern Perforated Tree LED tea Light28. Modern Perforated Tree LED tea Light: It’s not surprising that I spend quite a bit of time at the craft store. As a full-time craft, design, and art blogger, I’ve grown quite familiar with my looped route of hardware store/craft store/art supply shop/other craft store/supermarket…in that order. So, it’s always a pleasant surprise when I find some new material or media I’ve never seen before, and to think of all kinds of cool stuff to do with it. This holiday season, it was the papier-mache cone. Since it’s not with the other compressed paper boxes, letters, and forms, it slipped under my radar for the last,… (via Curbly)

29 Geometric Black and White Paper Ornaments

Geometric Black and White Paper Ornaments29. Geometric Black and White Paper Ornaments: Here are some Christmas decorations inspired by the good old British weather! Were putting the tree up this weekend so more decorations to come over the next week. When do you normally put yours up? (When I was little it was usually a Christmas eve job but nowadays my neighborhood seems to go for December (via minieco)

30 Hand Printed Pillows

Hand Printed Pillows30. Hand Printed Pillows: Hi friends! I thought it would be fun to share a small series of projects I am making for my new home. I will call the series “Nesting”. Each project will be something that I was already going to make for our home. Some may be a little technical, most will be super easy (like this one). All of them will be items that I plan to keep and use… (via A Beautiful Mess)

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