50 Cheap Ways to Decorate an Apartment

6 Bedside Bench

Bedside Bench6. Bedside Bench: I am still completely obsessed with our home office kilim rugs. They are just so pretty. I really wanted to incorporate a similar pattern into our bedroom. I decided to add a small, foot-of-the-bed bench to our space, and I wanted one that included some kind of kilim rug design (actual or inspired, I’m not that picky). There are a number of different kinds sold online, ranging anywhere from $500-$2000+…. (via A Beautiful Mess)

7 Concrete Planter

Concrete Planter7. Concrete Planter: DIY concrete planter tutorial (via burkatron)

8 Beau Hanging Planters

Beau Hanging Planters8. Beau Hanging Planters (via For the Makers)

9 Copper Edge Mirror

Copper Edge Mirror9. Copper Edge Mirror: This DIY Copper Edge Mirror is easier than you think and uses materials you wouldn’t expect. (via Makers Society)

10 Copper Leaf Mirror

Copper Leaf Mirror10. Copper Leaf Mirror: How to gild and use metal leaf. Also how to fix a broken mirror frame. (via Homey Oh My!)

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