50 Clever Space Saving Solutions and Creative Storage Ideas

26 Wood and Metal Magazine Rack

Wood and Metal Magazine Rack26. Wood and Metal Magazine Rack: Who doesn’t need a good magazine rack?! I know we have plenty of reading materials in this house that need a home, besides being stacked in random places. So, we decided to do a little project (via Hello Tidy)

27 Shelves in the deep window well

Shelves in the deep window well27. Shelves in the deep window well: Ugggg. I pulled my back out this weekend. I think the universe is trying to tell me I’m taking on too much. In preparation for my first house guests next weekend, Ive been furtively trying to finish up the One Room Continue reading (via Design Manifest)

28 Pegboard Letter

Pegboard Letter28. Pegboard Letter: Pegboard Letter By Alix Adams I have a complicated relationship with office supplies and crafting tools. To be honest, I protect my fabric scissors like the hope diamond and the day I bought a… (via Rue Rococo)

29 Minimalist Cube Shelf

Minimalist Cube Shelf29. Minimalist Cube Shelf: Hello, I’m happy to be back here on Emma’s blog to show you another one of my DIY or Try this at home! projects. Every autumn it’s the same thing, I long to redecorate or make something new. Autumn (via Emmas Designblogg)

30 Wall Utensilo

Wall Utensilo30. Wall Utensilo (via sinnenrausch)

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