70 Awesomely Creative Ways to Reuse Restyle and Rewear Old T-Shirts

1 Four Shirts Four Ways

Four Shirts Four Ways1. Four Shirts Four Ways (via Tea Rose Home)

2 Bleach Doodle T-Shirt

Bleach Doodle T-Shirt2. Bleach Doodle T-Shirt: Have you ever leaned up against the washing machine and done this when doing laundry? Ugh I thought I was being so careful. Well instead of throwing it out. I did this: Doodle doodle away with bleach soaked cotton swabs. Then wash with cold water and launder like normal. And now: Kind of pretty. Mistake to messy marvelous. ???? I am sure a bleach pen would be easier (via delia creates)

3 Make a T-Shirt Yarn

Make a T-Shirt Yarn3. Make a T-Shirt Yarn: Learn how to recycle your old seamless t-shirts into T-shirt yarn. Help to reduce the waste on Earth. (via Craft Passion)

4 The Gladiator T

The Gladiator T4. The Gladiator T: {The Gladiator T}We’ve been doing it since we were kids, and we still love cutting up our T-shirts! Here’s a new design (not published in our book 99 Ways to Cut, Sew, Tie and Trim your T-Shirt.) This design is easy to do, it should only take you about 10-15 minutes, and best of all, you don’t… (via The Jungalow)

5 Knit Headbands

Knit Headbands5. Knit Headbands: Have you made headbands from t shirts yet? Its one of my most popular posts and so I thought Id crank out a few more different varieties I love them all. A knit headband is so easy to make and wear its perfect all-around. I thought Id go over a few ways to (via Sugar Bee Crafts)

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