50 Clever Space Saving Solutions and Creative Storage Ideas

41 Get creative with wall space

Get creative with wall space41. Get creative with wall space: Easy, foolproof organizing tricks from the experts at domino to help you conquer clutter in no time flat. (via Domino)

42 Kitchen Command Center

Kitchen Command Center42. Kitchen Command Center: We had room on the side of our refrigerator for a little organization. With a few items from Homegoods, Staples, and Goodwill… a command center was born! (via ciburbanity)

43 Double Corner Box Shelf

Double Corner Box Shelf43. Double Corner Box Shelf (via The807)

44 Wall-mounted Shelves

Wall-mounted Shelves44. Wall-mounted Shelves: Nearly two years ago, after we finished our kitchen renovation, Ken and I did a massive rearranging of our living room. As part of this rearranging, we got rid of our old couch and loveseat and purchased a sectional sofa instead. We also wanted to ditch our coffee table and opt for a console table / sofa table instead. (Side note: What do you call a table that sits directly behind your couch? A sofa table? A console table? There seem to be many opinions online. Ill refer to it as both throughout the article, but Im talking about the (via SuperNova Wife)

45 Hanging Table

Hanging Table45. Hanging Table: A couple months ago my cousin, Sarah, agreed to let me redo her room so I would have a fresh space to make projects for – it gets hard making projects for my tiny apartment all the time! We finally started working on her room and this was one of the first projects we did… and I LOVE it! My uncle, (via The Merrythought)

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