50 Clever Uses of Solitary Socks

36 Rescue Lost Hardware

Rescue Lost Hardware36. Rescue Lost Hardware: Slide a sock over the end of a vacuums hose, secure with a rubber band, and use the vacs suction to pick up dropped screws, nuts, or nails. (via This Old House)

37 Draft Stoppers

Draft Stoppers37. Draft Stoppers: These DIY draft socks are super simple to make, inexpensive, and work well to stop the chilly drafts from under doors or from window sills. Oh, and they are freakin adorable too! Here’s how to make your own. Materials: Socks pick nice long ones. Men’s woolly work socks are shown here, but knee socks would also be a great … (via Garden Therapy)

38 Sock Pincushion

Sock Pincushion38. Sock Pincushion: Learn how to make a pincushion from a sock with this tutorial from Little Stitch. (via The Sewing Directory)

39 Sock Bouquet

Sock Bouquet39. Sock Bouquet: Giving the gift of socks? Make a sock bouquet with safety pins, skewers, & a vase! (via How Does She?)

40 Purse

Purse40. Purse: How to Make a Purse from a Sock. Everyone has a spare knee sock. Recycle it into a cute purse. Gather your sock and sewing supplies. (via wikiHow)

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