50 Clever Uses of Solitary Socks

46 Stop Drafts

Stop Drafts46. Stop Drafts: Line doorjambs and windowsills with rice-filled socks to keep the cold from entering your home and the houses heat from escaping. (via This Old House)

47 Dog Toy

Dog Toy47. Dog Toy: How to Make a Toy for Your Dog out of Socks. Dogs love to chew on socks, so keep them busy chewing on this easy sock toy instead of on your good socks! Get some old socks you no longer need. Except for the outer sock, all the other ones… (via wikiHow)

48 Baby Leg Warmers

Baby Leg Warmers48. Baby Leg Warmers: By Christina Dennis Baby leg warmers are cute and practical. Not only do they look adorable, they cushion baby’s knees when crawling and keep baby’s legs (via The DIY Mommy)

49 Scarf

Scarf49. Scarf (via Ruffles and Stuff)

50 Arm Warmers

Arm Warmers50. Arm Warmers (via Craft with Confidence)

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