50 Clever Uses of Solitary Socks

41 Golf Club Cover

Golf Club Cover41. Golf Club Cover (via Wife, Mom, Blogger: Solo Ops)

42 Comfortable Wristbands

Comfortable Wristbands42. Comfortable Wristbands (via Colorful Canary)

43 Sock Wreath

Sock Wreath43. Sock Wreath: Use two pairs of striped tube stocks and a wreath base to create a fun and colorful sock wreath. Finish off this wreath craft with a large ribbon and hang from a door for perfect dollar store decorating. (via FaveCrafts)

44 Wrap Wine Bottles

Wrap Wine Bottles44. Wrap Wine Bottles: This wine and whine gift is easy to put together with the help of my wine poem printables. They’re perfect for the teacher in your life! (via One Dog Woof)

45 Use a Sock as a DIY Heating Pad

Use a Sock as a DIY Heating Pad45. Use a Sock as a DIY Heating Pad: I’ve been experiencing some pretty horrible headaches recently. They have been absolutely painful and lasting for days at a time. I tried some different painkillers but none of them were working very well. I contemplated going to the doctor but to be honest with you I didn’t feel like a doctor would be able to (via Crafty Little Gnome)

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