50 Cool Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

11 Gorgeous Ombre Colored Eggs

Gorgeous Ombre Colored Eggs11. Gorgeous Ombre Colored Eggs (via Ashbee Design)

12 Black and White

Black and White12. Black and White: A modern twist on handmade Easter eggs from Obviously Sweet (via Obviously Sweet)

13 Silk Tie Dyed Eggs

Silk Tie Dyed Eggs13. Silk Tie Dyed Eggs: Dyeing hard boiled eggs with silk ties in a traditional method used for Easter eggs and other occasions. Also bento box hard-boiled egg molds to transform them into bunnies, hearts, fish and more. (via Boulder Locavore)

14 Lace Easter Egg

Lace Easter Egg14. Lace Easter Egg: It is so hard to believe that Easter is right around the corner…. this year is flying! I realized I was about to miss sharing any fun Easter crafts with you if I didn’t hop to it (tee-hee, I coul… (via Celebrating Everyday Life)

15 Lace Patterned Easter Eggs

Lace Patterned Easter Eggs15. Lace Patterned Easter Eggs (via DIY Til We Die)

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