50 Cool Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

46 Silhouette Easter Eggs

Silhouette Easter Eggs46. Silhouette Easter Eggs (via Rook No. 17)

47 Dot Design

Dot Design47. Dot Design: Dot Design Easter Eggs and more on (via Martha Stewart)

48 Embroidered Eggs

Embroidered Eggs48. Embroidered Eggs: Your home for all things Design. Home Tours, DIY Project, City Guides, Shopping Guides, Before & Afters and much more (via Design Sponge)

49 Silk Dyed Egg

Silk Dyed Egg49. Silk Dyed Egg: I posted this tutorial a few years ago and it has become somewhat of a tradition to bring it back every year! One of our family Easter traditions is dying eggs with pieces of silk. I saw a cute lady show Martha how to do it a few years ago and I ran upstairs right then to steal a tie! Its way cooler than those cups of neon liquid that end up all over your clothes, your furniture and your (via Our Best Bites)

50 Masking Tape Egg

Masking Tape Egg50. Masking Tape Egg (via Miss Honeybird)

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