50 Cool Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

21 Speckled Egg

Speckled Egg21. Speckled Egg (via Alisa Burke)

22 Easter Fortune Eggs

Easter Fortune Eggs22. Easter Fortune Eggs: Send a note to your loved ones inside an Easter egg! Read on to find out how to do this adorable Easter DIY. (via Free People)

23 Message Egg

Message Egg23. Message Egg (via Poppytalk)

24 Glittered Eggs

Glittered Eggs24. Glittered Eggs: Studding your lawn with these fluorescent gems not only gives little egg hunters a leg up, but also lends a shot of rowdy neon to a holiday otherwise characterized by polite pastels. (via Martha Stewart)

25 Egg Piñatas

Egg Piñatas25. Egg Piñatas (via Corner Blog)

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