50 Creative Ways To Reuse Wooden Pallets

11 Pallet Top Table

Pallet Top Table11. Pallet Top Table (via My Love 2 Create)

12 Pallet Puppet Theater

Pallet Puppet Theater12. Pallet Puppet Theater: I have had two pallets sitting on the side of my house for two months. I have one project in mind, but this one popped in my head this weekend, and I decided to jump in and just do it. I was staring at the pallets leaning up against the house, and thought hmmm what if…Read More (via Mom 4 Real)

13 Pallet Wood Centerpiece Box

Pallet Wood Centerpiece Box13. Pallet Wood Centerpiece Box: Make a pallet wood centerpiece box this holiday season with 3M DIY supplies for rustic holiday charm! (via A Night Owl)

14 ntique Style Wooden Crate Wall Organizer

Antique Style Wooden Crate Wall Organizer14. Antique Style Wooden Crate Wall Organizer: A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being a guest blogger for Gail@ My Repurposed Life, but for those of you that missed that post, I’m sharing it here today.My project started out to be something totally different, but I failed, and this was my attempt at salvaging something of my failed project. I wanted an antique fruit shipping crate, complete with a beautiful label on it, but I didn’t want to pay antique store prices for {Read More} (via Knick of Time)

15 Pallet Frame

Pallet Frame15. Pallet Frame: Hey there everyone! Its Chelsea from Making Home Base. I’m back again with DIY project to share! A few weeks ago I saw a picture frame at Target that totally inspired this project. It was frame made from pallet wood painted white. Very cute, but at 29.99 it was out of my budget so I…Read More (via Mom 4 Real)

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