50 Creative Ways To Reuse Wooden Pallets

16 Pallet Backed Bookshelf

Pallet Backed Bookshelf16. Pallet Backed Bookshelf: Pallet Backed Bookshelf (via Over the Big Moon)

17 Whitewashed Fjell Wardrobe with Pallet Shelves

Whitewashed Fjell Wardrobe with Pallet Shelves17. Whitewashed Fjell Wardrobe with Pallet Shelves: Mark and I recently completed our first “IKEA hack.” What’s an IKEA hack, you ask? Well, here’s the definition according to ikeahackers: Essentially, an IKEA hack is a modification/repurposin… (via The Thinking Closet)

18 Photo Transfer Pallet Photo Frame

Photo Transfer Pallet Photo Frame18. Photo Transfer Pallet Photo Frame: I have included my Amazon affiliate link for your convenience. If you’re anything like me you have approximately 1.4 million digital images stored somewhere that have never seen the light of day. And its a shame really, isn’t it! That’s why I knew exactly what I would do when I found out I got to (via Southern Revivals)

19 Distressed Pallet Board

Distressed Pallet Board19. Distressed Pallet Board: I recently told you about my huge wall in my family room! It has been one of the hardest spots to figure out how to decorate. Thankfully I finally figured out what I wanted to do on the wall and I have been hard at work completing this space! I have you a sneak peak…Read More (via Simply Designing)

20 Reclaimed Pallet Shelving

Reclaimed Pallet Shelving20. Reclaimed Pallet Shelving: We admire Olabisi Wines’ ingenious shelving made from reclaimed shipping pallets with jelly roll pans in lieu of drawers. (via Care2)

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