50 Creative Ways To Reuse Wooden Pallets

1 Large Storage Crates

Large Storage Crates1. Large Storage Crates: If the clutter is over taking your house you should build some large DIY Storage Crates to help you out! Simple, easy to make and very useful. (via My Love 2 Create)

2 Rustic Vintage Spring Mantel

Rustic Vintage Spring Mantel2. Rustic Vintage Spring Mantel: As an adolescent, I went through a stage where I rebelled not only against my parents’ rules, but my Mom’s home decor style. I remember turning up my nose to her hard-wood floors and vintage furni… (via The Thinking Closet)

3 Pallet Clock

Pallet Clock3. Pallet Clock: I am super excited to show you my latest project we just hung this on the wall last night and I am just loving it a clock made from a pallet super cool! And Im going to show you how-to make it I am all about taking something and giving it (via Sugar Bee Crafts)

4 Rustic Picture Frames

Rustic Picture Frames4. Rustic Picture Frames (via Little House of Four)

5 Pallet Swing

Pallet Swing5. Pallet Swing: How I made my Pallet Swing from a regular set of porch swing plans, with a little adjusting to create my very own unique and beautiful design. (via The Bold Abode)

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