50 Creative Wedding Cake Designs You Rarely See

46 Video Game Wedding

Video Game Wedding46. Video Game Wedding (via Cakes We Bake)

47 Mermaid Cake

Mermaid Cake47. Mermaid Cake: Mermaid theme cake and cookies. The mom didn’t want any mermaid figures in the design, so I used some elements in the mermaids habitat and made them fancy, whimsy, and mythical. Vanilla cake and strawberry crusting buttercream. Recording… (via CakesDecor)

48 Tasteful Naked Cake

Tasteful Naked Cake48. Tasteful Naked Cake: Recognized by Martha Stewart Weddings as one of America’s top pastry pros, Erica OBrien creates trendy designs and bakes with lots of butter and love. (via Erica O’Brien Cake Design)

49 Colorful Cake with Beautiful Brushstrokes

Colorful Cake with Beautiful Brushstrokes49. Colorful Cake with Beautiful Brushstrokes: Aman + Sonus love story all began over a good, old-fashioned telephone conversation, and so they partnered up with the genius designers at Amorology to bring that to life for their California wedding! They chatted on the phone for three months before finally meeting in person, but it only took two dates for them to realize that the connection they [] (via Green Wedding Shoes)

50 Peony Ruffle Cake with Gold Sequins

Peony Ruffle Cake with Gold Sequins50. Peony Ruffle Cake with Gold Sequins: We create beautiful cakes in Hull and Yorkshire. Book your wedding cake, party cake, cupcakes, macarons, cake pops and cookies with us today! (via Juniper Cakery)

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