50 Creative Wedding Cake Designs You Rarely See

31 Vintage Travel Wedding Cakes

Vintage Travel Wedding Cakes31. Vintage Travel Wedding Cakes: A different dimension on the vintage wedding theme. Telling a story of the different nationalities joining together. Thank you for looking Emma x (via CakesDecor)

32 Candy Land Cake

Candy Land Cake32. Candy Land Cake: The night before the big day: a bride-to-be in a red dress and sparkly heels. Turquoise, blush pink, hints of gold and silver all coming together in a colorful wonderland. Lollies, licorice, chocolate, suckers. Sweet childhood memories wrapped in chic evening elegance The concept behind this Candy Land styled wedding rehearsal dinner is to inspire couples [] (via Green Wedding Shoes)

33 Game Console Wedding Cake

Game Console Wedding Cake33. Game Console Wedding Cake (via Magical Day Weddings)

34 LEGO Themed Wedding Cake

LEGO Themed Wedding Cake34. LEGO Themed Wedding Cake: A local waterworks museum is a pretty rad venue for a LEGO-themed wedding like this. This pair loves engineering, color, and having a grand time building with LEGO. They may have been concerned tha (via Offbeat Bride)

35 Wedding Cake with Hidden Spiderman

Wedding Cake with Hidden Spiderman35. Wedding Cake with Hidden Spiderman: Corner House is Laura Hilton’s crafty blog about home decorating, crafts, cake, sewing, babies, mommies, and more. (via Corner House)

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