50 Creative Wedding Cake Designs You Rarely See

41 Lilac Colored Cake

Lilac Colored Cake41. Lilac Colored Cake: Few wedding themes conjure up the idea of a fun time better than candy colored, and that’s exactly what we got with The Big Fake Weddings second trip to Charlotte, North Carolina. Bright pinks and purples, watercolor accents, and a sweetheart table surrounded by a greenery pergola to add a secret garden effect are just (via Ruffled)

42 Fondant Polka Dots Cake

Fondant Polka Dots Cake42. Fondant Polka Dots Cake (via Brides)

43 Police Box Cake

Police Box Cake43. Police Box Cake: Heather and Matt have a love for beer, wine, and about anything nerdy including playing old school Nintendo and watching the TV show Doctor Who. The perfect spot for their wedding was River Company Restaurant & Brewery where everyone had some exceptional draft beers throughout the day. Their (via Laura’s Focus Photography)

44 Portal Wedding Cake

Portal Wedding Cake44. Portal Wedding Cake (via imgur)

45 Corpse Bride Blue Velvet Cake

Corpse Bride Blue Velvet Cake45. Corpse Bride Blue Velvet Cake: Corpse Bride Blue Velvet Cake – Complete Tutorial Recipe (via Sprinkle Bakes)

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