50 Easy DIY Project Ideas to Make Your Own Napkins

41 Picnic Napkin Cutlery Wrap

Picnic Napkin Cutlery Wrap41. Picnic Napkin Cutlery Wrap: I know when I began this blog, I promised recipes posts, but one of my other passions is entertaining and since, at least I believe, they go hand in hand, here’s a DIY napkin wrap tutorial. My birthday is coming up in the next week, so as a fun way to celebrate a group of (via Bake, Broil and Blog)

42 Modern Block Printed Napkins

Modern Block Printed Napkins42. Modern Block Printed Napkins: Make a set of quirky cloth napkins with a modern spoon, fork, and knife pattern with my new block printed napkin tutorial and free downloadable template! (via The Zen of Making)

43 Mitered Napkins

Mitered Napkins43. Mitered Napkins (via Nicole’s Classes)

44 Amthropologie Inspired Napkins

Amthropologie Inspired Napkins44. Amthropologie Inspired Napkins: Learn how to make Anthropologie inspired painted cloth napkins. (via Sarah Hearts)

45 Stamped Kraft Paper Napkin Ring

Stamped Kraft Paper Napkin Ring45. Stamped Kraft Paper Napkin Ring: Hello there, I am back with the first DIY from this mornings pale pink and cream spring table.Let me start by saying that I like it simple. Yes, I will immediately discard a recipe if it contains mo (via Belle and Chic)

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