45 Easy Ways to Make Groceries Last as Long as Possible

1 How to properly store fruits and vegetables

How to properly store fruits and vegetables1. How to properly store fruits and vegetables: Food is expensive, and most people can’t afford to waste it. Yet the average family tosses $600 worth of food into the trash every year. If you have trouble eating food before it spoils, you need these tips. (via Spark People)

2 How to keep carrots crisp and fresh

How to keep carrots crisp and fresh2. How to keep carrots crisp and fresh: Q: I have been getting wonderful, colorful bunches of carrots from the farmers market. The only problem is storing them. It seem like no matter what I do; in the fridge, on the counter, in a bag, not in a bag, in the veggie drawer; the day after I buy them, they are limp and sad. Help! Sent by Effie (via The Kitchn)

3 Store onions in pantyhose will last longer

Store onions in pantyhose will last longer3. Store onions in pantyhose will last longer: I never heard this one before. Does anybody here store their onions in pantyhose? I read the label on a bag of onions I bought at Trader Joe’s yesterday and it recommended that they’ll last longer if I place the… (via Serious Eats)

4 Avoid storing onions with potatoes

Avoid storing onions with potatoes4. Avoid storing onions with potatoes: Whats the best way to store fresh produce? Do you ever buy fresh fruits and vegetables, toss them into the produce drawer and forget about them? Then a few days later you open the drawer only to discover that its all spoiled? (Fess up, because I know I’m not the only one.) There’s a proper way to store fresh produce, and as I am about…Read More (via The V Spot)

5 How to store cheese

How to store cheese5. How to store cheese: Cheese storage is one of those confounding subjects. If you buy a really nice cheese, you don’t want to ruin it with a lack of parenting skills, right? Perhaps you know how you shouldn’t store cheese. But do you know how you should? Proper preservation of cheese is easier than you think. (via The Kitchn)

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