50 Easy DIY Storage Ideas to Organize Kids’ Rooms

46 Toy Storage Cubbies

Toy Storage Cubbies46. Toy Storage Cubbies: a look at a major game changer for organization in our home – a long tutorial but a simple build well worth your while. (via The Handmade Home)

47 Outdoor Toddler Station

Outdoor Toddler Station47. Outdoor Toddler Station (via Rambling Renovators)

48 Playroom Library

Playroom Library48. Playroom Library (via The Crafty Woman)

49 Doll and Toy Storage Solution

Doll and Toy Storage Solution49. Doll and Toy Storage Solution (via Serenity Now)

50 Storage-Packed Nursery Decor

Storage-Packed Nursery Decor50. Storage-Packed Nursery Decor: “I’ve been teaching myself carpentry and was Googling around for ideas to customize my newborn daughter’s bedroom. Every time I saw a project, I thought, I could do better. Finally, I decided to build a wall of oversize alphabet blocks from MDF and wood, many of which I constructed as cabinets, drawers, and nooks to hold her toys and clothes.”David Lucky Lebanon, Tennessee (via This Old House)

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