50 Easy DIY Storage Ideas to Organize Kids’ Rooms

6 Hoopla Storage

Hoopla Storage6. Hoopla Storage (via Always a Project)

7 Playroom Seating and Storage

Playroom Seating and Storage7. Playroom Seating and Storage (via iHeart Organizing)

8 Barbie Organizer

Barbie Organizer8. Barbie Organizer: so, when i was showing off my cute diy mirror redo you got to see this awesome purple shoe hanger. the purple drove me crazy also the fact that the barbies didn’t fully fit.so i made a custom barbie holder to hold every single barbie.(and two huge pockets to hold their stuff) that boy barbie has his […] (via A Girl and a Glue Gun)

9 Lego Storage and Play Table

Lego Storage and Play Table9. Lego Storage and Play Table (via Our Wee Family)

10 Stuffed Animal Cage

Stuffed Animal Cage10. Stuffed Animal Cage (via The Giggle Garden)

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