50 Easy Dorm Room DIY Decorations Project Ideas

6 Clipboard Wall Art

Clipboard Wall Art6. Clipboard Wall Art: If you’re looking for art that’s fun and not too precious, or if you just want your walls to feel a little more “in the moment,” consider today’s video tip from Jeni Aron: The Clipboard Art Trick. (via Apartment Therapy)

7 Clothesline Picture Holder

Clothesline Picture Holder7. Clothesline Picture Holder (via Dorm Room DIY and Crafts)

8 Washi Tape Coark Board

Washi Tape Coark Board8. Washi Tape Coark Board (via Makeful)

9 Washi Tape Wall Art

Washi Tape Wall Art9. Washi Tape Wall Art: Learn how to create your own wall art using washi tape. (via Sarah Hearts)

10 Dot Wall

Dot Wall10. Dot Wall: Have you ever had the overwhelming urge to put spots on one of your walls? I have! And one of these days, I’m going to buy a house so I can completely fulfill the dream of putting up spotty wallpaper. However while were still renting (and are too lazy to repaint when we leave) (via Fellow Fellow)

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