50 Fantastic and Creative Ways to Use a Doily

16 Doily Design as a Resist Stool

Doily Design as a Resist Stool16. Doily Design as a Resist Stool: Create a unique doily stool using a paper doily as a resist. Incorporate your favorite paint colors, then seal with Mod Podge to finish. (via Modpodge Rocks)

17 Paper Doily Shower Curtain

Paper Doily Shower Curtain17. Paper Doily Shower Curtain (via Etcetorize)

18 Paper Doily Wreath

Paper Doily Wreath18. Paper Doily Wreath: A delicate-looking wreath that creates the magical effect of candles flickering in the snow is easy to make and surprisingly sturdy. Wreath frames are strung with twinkling lights that are nestled in frothy, doily like paper bouquet holders known as “Biedermeiermanschetten.” (via Martha Stewart)

19 Doily Invitation Envelop

Doily Invitation Envelop19. Doily Invitation Envelop: Its the ladies of Antiquaria, back with another creative DIYproject for you! Today they’re sharing a wedding invitation tutorial inspired by the signature blue color of Tiffany & Co. Have you ever felt the rush of excitement when a special friend, spouse, or loved one presents you with a gift packaged in the little blue box? This wedding (via Oh so Beautiful Paper)

20 Fabric Doily Mobile

Fabric Doily Mobile20. Fabric Doily Mobile (via Lemon Tree Creations)

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