50 Fantastic and Creative Ways to Use a Doily

21 Doily Cones

Doily Cones21. Doily Cones (via Heartmade)

22 Doily Package Wrap

Doily Package Wrap22. Doily Package Wrap (via Wonder Forest)

23 Doily Covered Soap

Doily Covered Soap23. Doily Covered Soap (via Kootoyoo)

24 Embroidered Paper Doilies

Embroidered Paper Doilies24. Embroidered Paper Doilies: Remember my coffee-dyed doilies? So I took my Baker’s Twine and started adding a touch here and there. The trickiest part is the start and the finish. To start, you want to make sure you guide the tail on the… (via crescendoh.com)

25 Doily Cookies

Doily Cookies25. Doily Cookies: After seeing this ceramic “lace” plate craft on Ohdeedoh I was completely intrigued! But my craftiness doesn’t lean towards clay it unleashes itself in the sugar arts. So there I was, instantly and fully consumed with the idea of playing around with this idea using cookie dough. Out came the doilies (stashed abundantly in my house) (via Wildwood Collective)

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