50 Fantastic and Creative Ways to Use a Doily

41 Doily Table Runner

Doily Table Runner41. Doily Table Runner: After posting pictures of the kitchen remodel, I had several emails about the doily table runner I made. So here is a little tutorial on that.I was inspired by this picture on the Country Living website:I liked that it looked fresh, but a bit vintage at the same time. I had a few big doilies (via Under the Sycamore)

42 Doily Dream Catcher

Doily Dream Catcher42. Doily Dream Catcher: Today we are starting a brand new feature; Three Ways to Craft It. The concept is simple: take one supply and create three different projects from it! Fun, huh? It is our hope that this feature will push us to think of new and maybe out-of-the-box ideas from supplies we love. Today we are focusing on the ever classic and oh-so grandma chic doilies! Project 1: Doily hangers! What we… (via A Beautiful Mess)

43 Spray Painted Doily Canvas

Spray Painted Doily Canvas43. Spray Painted Doily Canvas (via Shey B)

44 Doily Pots

Doily Pots44. Doily Pots: Here’s a quick way to dress up plain terra cotta pots… (via Family Chic)

45 Little Urchin Doily Covered Sea Stones

Little Urchin Doily Covered Sea Stones45. Little Urchin Doily Covered Sea Stones: For quite some time now we have been mesmerized and inspired by the work of the unsurpassable artist Margaret Oomen – we are particularly drawn to her crocheted stones. Her creations and her talent leave us absolutely speechless, as does her wonderfully kind personality. Resurrection Fern is her blog about her life as a mother of four, rural physician and textile designer. She also has an Etsy Shop where you can purchase her gorgeous crocheted stones (via The Purl Bee)

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