50 Genius Mod Podge DIY Knock Off Projects

16 Gift Wrap Lamp

Gift Wrap Lamp16. Gift Wrap Lamp: Use Mod Podge and gift wrap to give an old or boring lamp an exciting new look. Easy tutorial. (via Mom Spark)

17 Photo Frame

Photo Frame17. Photo Frame: All year, ever since I attended the Snap Conference, Ive had this frame just waiting for a super cute project. I didnt know quite what I wanted to do with it, until I had Mod Podge Rub-On Transfers in my hands. With quotes from the Mod Podge Friends/Love Rub-On Transfers, I created a Sweet Nothings {Read More…} (via Adventures of Mel)

18 Graceful Lace Flats

Graceful Lace Flats18. Graceful Lace Flats: Loving the lace trend? It’s really easy to pair lace and shoes that you love to make your own hip pair of graceful lace shoes! (via Mom Spark)

19 Book Page Four Leaf Clover

Book Page Four Leaf Clover19. Book Page Four Leaf Clover: Book Page Four Leaf Clover I wanted to try something with book pages, as it is a quite popular medium at the moment. After Valentine’s Day was done and over, and all of the chocolates had bee (via Momma D and Da Boyz)

20 Pretty Mod Podge Pumpkins

Pretty Mod Podge Pumpkins20. Pretty Mod Podge Pumpkins (via Sippy Cup Mom)

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