50 Genius Mod Podge DIY Knock Off Projects

26 Confetti Balloons

Confetti Balloons26. Confetti Balloons: Ring in the New Year with these confetti balloons that you can customize for any year or any occasion! (via Design Improvised)

27 DIY Painted Wood Block Nursery Art

DIY Painted Wood Block Nursery Art27. DIY Painted Wood Block Nursery Art: Here’s a simple, modern DIY project to create custom painted wood block art for your little one’s room. (via Alice and Lois)

28 Make Your Own Magnets

Make Your Own Magnets28. Make Your Own Magnets: make your own magnets, how to make your own magnets, make your own magnets at home, make your own magnets for Father’s Day, crafts for kids (via Confessions of an Overworked Mom)

29 Canvas Art

Canvas Art29. Canvas Art: Create Mod Podge Canvas Art momspark (via Mom Spark)

30 Floral Decoupage Storage Box

Floral Decoupage Storage Box30. Floral Decoupage Storage Box: Why settle for boring storage when you can make this floral decoupage storage box! Only takes thirty minutes to make and is completely customizable. (via The Crafted Life)

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