50 Healthy Burger Recipes Using All Fresh Ingredients

21 Green Chile Bison Burger

Green Chile Bison Burger21. Green Chile Bison Burger: Take a trip to the Southwest with this juicy green-chile cheeseburger made with rich-tasting ground bison. You could make these with freshly roasted g (via Eating Well)

22 Apple Turkey Burger

Apple Turkey Burger22. Apple Turkey Burger (via Once Upon a Cutting Board)

23 Fajita Turkey Burger

Fajita Turkey Burger23. Fajita Turkey Burger: All the great flavors of fajitas in a turkey burger (via Aromatic Delights)

24 Spicy Hawaiian Burger

Spicy Hawaiian Burger24. Spicy Hawaiian Burger (via Homemade by Holman)

25 Feta-Stuffed Turkey Burger

Feta-Stuffed Turkey Burger25. Feta-Stuffed Turkey Burger: Ill just say it: turkey burgers can be pretty blah. Sure, they’re a healthier choice because they’re lower in fat and calories than the traditional ground beef burger. But doesn’t it still add up to a big waste of calories when the food is boring, bland, and flavorless? So Ive got this recipe that changes (via The Scrumptious Pumpkin)

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