50 Healthy Burger Recipes Using All Fresh Ingredients

26 Venison Burger

Venison Burger26. Venison Burger: For some reason, Ive been craving red meat like crazy lately. I think Ive eaten more red meat in the past few months than I have in the last 3 years! Before that, I used to eat TONS of meat. I was a big time carnivore and I remember saying that I could NEVER EVER (via The Healthy Foodie)

27 Mediterranean Veal Burger

Mediterranean Veal Burger27. Mediterranean Veal Burger: Veal Burger Recipes. Mediterranean Veal Burger Recipe. (via Strauss)

28 Grilled Trout Burger

Grilled Trout Burger28. Grilled Trout Burger: Cumin and cilantro add a zesty kick to these fresh trout (via Marcus Samuelsson)

29 Curried Pork Burger with Mango

Curried Pork Burger with Mango29. Curried Pork Burger with Mango (via Shape)

30 Basil Beef Burger

Basil Beef Burger30. Basil Beef Burger: With these basil burgers, you can have a beef burger and still stick to your healthy diet. Get this healthy burger recipe on Honest Cooking. (via Honest Cooking)

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