50 Ideas For DIY Jewelry You’ll Absolutely Want to Make

21 Vintage Lace Brooch

Vintage Lace Brooch21. Vintage Lace Brooch: There is something about cotton lace that just exudes vintage charm. Today’s tutorial shows you how to create lovely gathered flowers from such lace to create the perfect backdrop to showcase pretty buttons, or in this case, some lovely rhinestone pendants from the Styled by Tori Spelling line of jewelry. These lace brooches, which mimic (via Positively Splendid)

22 Isabella Sequin Bracelet

Isabella Sequin Bracelet22. Isabella Sequin Bracelet (via For the Makers)

23 Semiprecious Stone Necklace

Semiprecious Stone Necklace23. Semiprecious Stone Necklace: This versatile necklace adjusts to your outfit and your mood. Wear it long and lean, double it to accentuate a plunging neckline (shown here), or turn it into a ribbon-tied collar. (via Martha Stewart)

24 Ric Rac Rose Ring

Ric Rac Rose Ring24. Ric Rac Rose Ring: Make a beautiful flower using ric rac with our Ric Rac Rose Tutorial. It’s so simple and quick and easy to make. (via The Ribbon Retreat)

25 Pistachio Shells Necklace

Pistachio Shells Necklace25. Pistachio Shells Necklace: description (via Crème de la Craft)

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