50 Insanely Creative Ways to De-clutter Your Home Fast

6 Store Sheet Sets Inside a Pillowcase

Store Sheet Sets Inside a Pillowcase6. Store Sheet Sets Inside a Pillowcase: Learn how to keep matching sheets together in the closet with tips from Martha Stewart. (via Martha Stewart)

7 Pipe-Frame Wall Shelf

Pipe-Frame Wall Shelf7. Pipe-Frame Wall Shelf: Sturdy, trendy, and simple. Assemble this three-tier wall shelf in minutes and put it to work today. (via Lowe’s)

8 A Closet Organizer for Him

A Closet Organizer for Him8. A Closet Organizer for Him (via Lookie What I Did)

9 Spice Packet Organizer

Spice Packet Organizer9. Spice Packet Organizer (via The House of Smiths)

10 Pantry Makeover

Pantry Makeover10. Pantry Makeover: Well, well well! I never thought I could love a pantry as much as I do now. Actually, I never thought I would even give the pantry a makeover. After all, its just a pantry. But boy oh boy, how life changing this pantry makeover was. Seriously. Let me first give props and a BIG (via Decorchick!®)

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