50 Insanely Creative Ways to De-clutter Your Home Fast

36 Master Bathroom Organizing Ideas

Master Bathroom Organizing Ideas36. Master Bathroom Organizing Ideas: Master bathroom organizing ideas (via Liz Marie Blog)

37 Entry Shelves

Entry Shelves37. Entry Shelves: I finally finished re-covering all 8 fabric bins. It was a totally simple project, and actually didn’t take long at all. I just get impatient, and bored (via cottage4C)

38 Window Box Bathroom Storage

Window Box Bathroom Storage38. Window Box Bathroom Storage (via Our Fifth House)

39 Dowel Coat Rack

Dowel Coat Rack39. Dowel Coat Rack: One board plus one dowel equals an attractive wall-mounted coat rack that’s easy to make in a day. (via Lowe’s)

40 Old Ladder Wrap Paper Station

Old Ladder Wrap Paper Station40. Old Ladder Wrap Paper Station (via Chipping with Charm)

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